We're awesome because you're awesome.

Fanatical about your business? are we! Our success depends on your success, so, we really REALLY want you to succeed!

We are committed to the latest and greatest in design and development. All of our work starts with a creative process, from scratch. We pride ourselves on delivering awesomely creative and unique designs with simple dynamic backbones - all done with style, and originality.

PixOwl Design Studio. We love clean, creative, functional web and print design.

At heart, we're artists, and have a general disdain for too many rules. However, when it comes to our clients, we do have some strict ones we adhere to.

  1. Most people will visit your website, before stepping foot into your place of business.
  2. You get ONE CHANCE to make a first impression
  3. Your business isn't generic, or cookie cutter - your branding & website shouldn't be either
  4. Our success is dependent upon your success.

Websites are a MUST if you want to stay ahead in today's market. An impressive web presence is paramount to succeed. So, how do you want to represent yourself? We know you have spent a lot of time and money in creating your business. It's unique, just like you. That's why at PixOwl, we NEVER use canned templates, or pre-made artwork. We love our creativity, and we love the challenges every project brings. From logo's, to CMS systems, you can rest assured that at PixOwl everything we produce is 100% original.

Hesitant to invest in a custom made website? We understand that times are tough. We work with you and your budget to provide beautiful, custom work at a price that is fair to you and us. We work with a limited number of clients at a time. This ensures that each client deserves the time they deserve for us to create something that exceeds their expectations, and is sure to wow each and every visitor.


Web Design Process

1) Analyze

Before we begin, we look closely at your project + budget and ask:

"what do you need, and what are your goals?"

We take a look at your local and national competitors to see what they're doing, how they're doing it, and work closely with you to see how we can make it better.

2) Plan

After we've gathered the information we need, we begin planning every detail from navigation to texture, copy to colors.

We will work up outlines and wire frames to present to you and to relay our ideas to you, keeping you "in the loop" during the entire process.

3) Design

This is our FAVORITE part! At this stage, we begin laying out everything that has gotten us to this point with color, texture, and passion.

We take the mock up & give it a triple espresso shot. We enhance your brand, and make sure that your site will leave a memorable, and lasting impression on visitors.

4) Build

In the words of Dr. Frankenstein..."IT'S ALIVE!!!!". This is when we take all of our hard work so far, and begin turing it into lean, mean code, and breathe some life into it.

We will send you a working link so that you can check in daily to see progress, and watch the owlet learn to FLY!

5) Launch!

Of course this doesn't mean we leave you out in the world alone! We monitor your site, and give you the ability to review stat's and analytic data. We can tweak & modify the site accordingly as little or as often as you want. Of course launching a site also requires some work to promote your new baby owlet. We offer email marketing services that allow you to stay top of mind with your customers. We can also help you with Social Media marketing such as Facebook. Additionally, we can help you with any kind of promotional print work you may need. We're the only nest you'll need to help your business create a meaningful and lasting presence that has creativity, and pizzazz.

When we're not working you can probably find us reading the latest design & development blog's. When we're not doing that, you can find us playing music, going to local shows, shooting pictures around town, drinking good local beer, or practicing Bikram Yoga. During the summer on Sunday nights you will find us glued to HBO's True Blood (the guiltiest of guilty pleasures).